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Honest, straight-up review of what VigRx Plus is.

This is my honest, straight-up review of what VigRx Plus is like and how it works.  

I’ve been using it for a long time now.  

VigRX Plus Review: Do These Pills Really Work?

VigRX Plus Review: Do These Pills Really Work?

This is not a supplement that’s intended to kick in right away. I’m going to explain basically how it works, the pros and cons. Um, any claims that I don’t feel we’re lived up to.  

You want to try the product yourself. There’s a link down below you can use to get a perfect deal on it. Because it’s not the cheapest supplement, but with the link you’ll get an excellent discount. And I looked everywhere online. It’s the best discount you’re going to find anywhere.  

VigRx Plus Dosage

But anyway, it’s the opposite of the little blue pill. It looks like the dosage is two tablets a day. No big deal, but it’s intense.  

It’s intended to kick in after a while, so it took me about a week to really notice the difference, and after that you’re off to the races and there even is like a peak time too. 

 How long does Vigrx Plus take to work?

So it’ll kick in around day seven and day eight nine ten eleven maybe like around two weeks it’ll work even better and better. I’m gonna talk about what I mean specifically. 

But it works better and better. You kind of peek out and I would even cycle off maybe like every six weeks or whatever um just to know kind of get your body uh your body’s tolerance the ingredients minimize reset and then start taking it again. But essentially what this has been able to let me is the biggest thing. 

What does VigRX do for men?

I’ve noticed first and foremost that my libido is way higher

So my sex drive has been out of control sometimes. Like distracting. So thank God I’m not single right now. Um. that would be pretty miserable. 

The main thing is, so it’s kind of like I said it’s like you’re my overall sexual health insurance. It’s like my overall sexual health multivitamin. Because it just covers all my bases. I notice my libido’s increased. my semen volume is higher. my climax intensity is better. and here’s the best thing. I’ve had much more control over my ejaculatory. 

Basically like function, in other words, it’s just a fancy way of saying like I really can last longer, and I have been. I’ve been close during sex to climaxing. Then I held back, and then I was able to keep going. And not only that. And that’s definitely because this chick is something I’ve never known. It was before and not only that this is the only supplement and guys this includes Viagra. Okay. I’ve taken Viagra but it still doesn’t do this. 

VigRx Plus vs Viagra

Buying Viagra works great obviously. It’s still beneficial, but I’ll tell you what this does that bigger has never done for me. Viagra will give you a heart and you’ll be ready to rock, but then you have sex, and you come. And you’re done this is the only supplement on the planet, that has, and it has enabled me to have sex finish. 

And then 15 minutes later sometimes even 10 be ready to go again and that’s even I’d max that at three. Guys, I don’t look it um I’m not trying to my own horn here, but a lot of people tell me I don’t look it, but I’m actually 35, so 

I’m a stone’s throw away from 40 and yeah this stuff is actually helping me perform like I’m like I’m 22. So I get the ingredient profile if you just do your research. 

VigRx Plus Ingredients Benefits

It’s got all the ingredients that you like, and they’re natural herbs. Basically, but they are for men’s sexual health, like ginkgo biloba, Hawthorne berry, salt palmetto Korean red ginseng, a lot of other supplements of this type. 

They claim they have like half those ingredients. This has all of them, so it’s a full-blown ingredient profile. That is specifically you know geared for men in this area and so um for me, it is the ultimate insurance uh sometimes. 

I still will take um you know a little suddenly or something like that to combine the two to get the max effects, but you just don’t really need it. 

Because, this right here is like your insurance and the cool thing about taking this is it’s you’re taking it every day, so it’s in your system. You’re pretty much always ready to rock at any given time. If you’re only depending on sodium flour then you have to have it on you like, right. 

At that moment for that night or whatever this just kind of it’s like your security blanket if that makes sense the only thing that I will say that I think is a little bit fancy of a claim of theirs. 

VigRx Plus Doesn’t Make Your Erection Bigger

This is I just have to call the company out on this one if it doesn’t make your erection bigger. 

It doesn’t make you like an actual penis bigger, but what it does do is get why people even say that because some reviews I’ve seen have seen pretty legit, and then they will say like oh dude that was even bigger. 

I think what they’re interpreting as bigger is just there’s more blood flow so when there’s more blood. 

Flow going on there it’s almost like the equivalent of using a penis pump and having that like you know your veins popping out. Actually, having like a little bit, you know, a couple a couple, you know, centimeters in size. 

Thicker perhaps but strictly from blood flow it’s not gonna actually increase the size of your penis. If anyone tells you that they’re lying. Do not believe them. That’s pretty much it guys. 

That’s my honest review about what this has done for me. While I keep buying it again, the price points are a little high. The link down below will help you with that. Just click the link. 

It’ll bring you right to their ordering page with the coupon already activated, and you can select whatever supply you want. But either way you’re going to save a nice chunk.