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How VigRX Plus® Works

The formula of VigRX Plus® consists of a combination of ten highly effective natural erection precursors, aphrodisiacs, and libido boosters that work together to boost your erections and libido in a short amount of time.

The chemicals work by increasing nitric oxide levels, which in turn relaxes the smooth muscle tissue of the corpus cavernosa (the two long cylindrical tubes in the penis) and the related arterioles, allowing more blood to flow to the penis. Because of this, erections become visibly larger and fuller.

Also, it has a collection of testosterone boosters and aphrodisiacs that have been used for generations. Not only do they increase a man’s sexual desire, but they also improve his libido and overall sexual health and performance.

Simple twice-daily pill intake is all that is required. Because of this, your body is able to absorb more of the active components, and the dosages are maintained more reliably.

VigRx Plus Clinical Study

Rather than using mice or other inanimate subjects, the first clinical research of VigRX Plus® lasted 84 days and involved 75 actual men.
We spent a fortune on clinical research to back up the 10+ years of client success stories that have been piling up in our back office, including anecdotes of firmer, longer-lasting erections, increased control, and noticeable increases in partner pleasure.

To conduct this study, we contracted with Vedic Lifesciences Pvt. LTD. After 84 days of testing on men aged 25-50, where half were given VigRX Plus® and half were given a placebo, they handed us a 56-page report with the following findings from a triple-blind study:

  • Ability to Penetrate Their Partner has Increased by 58.97%
  • Overall Sexual Desire and Mood Boosted by 47%
  • Improved Sexual and Interactional Happiness by 71.43 Percent
  • Having an erection for longer now is possible 62.82 percent more often.
  • Improved Quality and Quantity of Orgasms by 22.49 Percent
  • Overall Growth of 61%