Timberbrother Resistance Loop Bands with Workout Poster (Set of 5)

5-Level Resistance Bands Set: Build Muscle, Burn Fat, Improve Flexibility



Elevate Your Workouts with Versatile Resistance Bands

These resistance bands offer five progressive levels, from extra light to extra heavy, catering to beginners and advanced users alike. Build muscle, burn fat, and improve flexibility with targeted exercises for upper, lower body, and core.

Key Benefits:

  • Progressive Resistance: Choose the perfect band for your fitness level and challenge yourself as you progress.
  • Versatility: Perform yoga, Pilates, CrossFit, and various strength training exercises with one convenient set.
  • Injury Rehabilitation: Support recovery and prevent injuries with gentle resistance and controlled movements.
  • Portable: Take your workouts anywhere with lightweight, compact bands and a handy storage bag.


  • Material: Natural latex (eco-friendly)
  • Band Dimensions: 30cm long x 5cm wide
  • Resistance Levels: Extra Light, Light, Medium, Heavy, Extra Heavy
  • Poster: A2 size (16.5″ x 22.4″), water-resistant, laminated

Package Includes:

  • 5 Resistance Bands
  • 1 Workout Poster
  • 1 Drawstring Storage Bag

Bonus: Our Workout Poster features 40 clear exercises illustrated with start/finish positions, making it easy to design effective home workouts for all muscle groups.

Start your fitness journey today with this comprehensive resistance band set!