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How to Last Longer in Bed Naturally: From Performance to Pleasure

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Last Longer in Bed Naturally

As a sex therapist, I often get asked, what is the one main thing men can take home to better their sex life? Oftentimes I describe the difference between a performance oriented mentality and a pleasure one. In our society, we’re taught to have sex by performance script. We learn it from Hollywood, we learn it from porn, and then we feel like we have to have sex, like we’re in the.

We have to have a perfect set of genitals, strong immediate erections, last long enough, get to that orgasm. We have to execute all these activities in a particular order so that we get to our goal of an orgasm. The problem is sometimes we may have stage fright. Sometimes those activities are not fun, and sometimes, most times actually it’s all about the Destin.

From Performance to Pleasure

We don’t even engage and enjoy the journey because we’re so worried about getting to the end of the script and performing in an ideal way. Another way to think about sex is about pleasure. It’s not a word we learned growing up, but it’s such an important word when we think about our sex life. It’s all about the journey.

It’s all about enjoying the sensations and the activities that you’re engaging in with yourself or your partner. There’s no goal. Maybe your genitals cooperate, maybe they don’t. Maybe they’re involved. Maybe they’re. Maybe you have an orgasm, maybe you don’t. But as long as you’re enjoying the sensuality and eroticism you’re engaged in and the journey that you’re on, then you’re in the right place.