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How are Sperm Count and Semen Volume Different?

Semen is the fluid that is expelled during an orgasmic act. Low semen volume indicates that the volume of your ejaculate is lower than the usual quantity, which was previously stated to be between 14 and 1 teaspoon. If the volume of sperm is below normal, the climax may seem forced.

Your ejaculate contains less sperm than the norm of 15 million per milliliter of semen if your sperm count is low. Having a low sperm count can only be determined by a medical examination and sperm analysis. Symptoms of a low sperm count may include poor sexual desire and difficulties maintaining an erection.

What Factors May Influence Your Load Size?

Numerous factors influence the quantity of sperm produced during ejaculation. These are only a handful of these elements; some are beyond your control, while others are not.

  • Age and Genetics – Despite the fact that there are things you can do to ejaculate more, age and genetics continue to have a significant effect in how much sperm you can and will create.
  • Nutrition and Hydration – A healthy diet and enough hydration contribute to optimal sperm production and ejaculate output.
  • Hormone Levels — Low levels of testosterone, luteinizing hormone (LH), or follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) can impact sex desire, erection function, and the general quality of semen and sperm.
  • Medical Causes – An infection, infertility, or some drugs may make it difficult for your body to create sperm. In addition to surgery or injuries, trauma to the groin might diminish your sperm count.

5 Healthy Methods to Increase Sperm Volume

1. Drink More Water

One of the most effective ways to increase the amount of sperm you can ejaculate is to drink more water and maintain your hydration. This does not include alcohol or sugary beverages. Stick to water or electrolyte beverages. According to numerous studies, men should consume 3.7 liters (15.5 cups) of water per day. How important is it to you to increase your sperm and semen production?

2. Incorporate More Physical Activity Into Your Routine

Exercising is a great way to maintain the health of your reproductive organs, including your semen and sperm. Working out in any way, shape, or form, from lifting weights to playing sports to simply going for a daily walk, can help. Numerous studies and analyses have demonstrated that reduced body fat and increased physical activity improve sperm quality and count.

3. Eat More Semen-Enhancing Foods

The volume of both sperm and semen have been shown to increase when people eat more healthful diets, with many studies and research supporting this correlation. Nuts, fatty fish, spinach, bananas, dark chocolate, and other fatty foods are examples. The folate and vitamin B12 content of foods like oysters and beef should be sought out. Mushrooms and eggs, for example, are excellent sources of vitamin D, which has been shown to increase the number of sperm and semen in the body.

4. Take Supplements

Although we may be biased, there are supplements that have been shown to improve sperm quality and quantity. Vitamin D, Zinc, Shilajit, Omega-3, and a multivitamin are some examples. However, it is strongly advised that you consult with your doctor before beginning any new supplement, especially if your goal is to increase the volume of your semen and sperm. Supplement Warehouse has everything you need.

5) Stay away from Drugs and Alcohol

A larger volume of semen and sperm may seem like a no-brainer, but it is actually quite crucial. Using illegal drugs has been shown in a number of studies to have a deleterious effect on sperm and semen. Besides being harmful to your health, alcohol can cause you to lose a lot of fluids. We don’t think it’s wise to partake in illegal substances, but a few drinks should be fine (as always, consult your doctor first).

Bonus: Manage Your Stress Levels

It’s common sense that stress is harmful. Stress hormones can have an adverse effect on testosterone production in addition to the more well-known health implications. Although there is scant evidence linking stress and testosterone production, reducing stress has been shown to benefit health in general, which of course includes the male reproductive system. A man’s libido can take a hit from stress because of the negative effects of tension and inflammation on the body. Sexual arousal and desire are both boosted when stress levels are lowered.

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